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Random Crazy Paving
Rajasthan Slate & Stone Exports Inc. (Indian-Natural Stones) supplies random crazy for the paving of driveways, paths, patios, walls, garden, pool landscaping, verandahs, walkways, public areas and internal floors. Random Crazy Paving is the most popular paving method in landscape for natural feeling. Our Random (Crazy) Paving Irregular shapes are being used in many garden stone projects and walkways with a crazed effect like a large jigsaw. All our random crazy paving is hand selected and only the best quality pieces are chosen and sent for our overseas buyers. Random shaped stone (crazy paving stones) are available in 2 thicknesses in thinner or thicker, we can supply as per clients request.

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The Random Paving Stones, offered by us, are good alternative to the regular Rectangular Stone Paving. The Random Crazy Paving Stones are perfectly ideal for various interior as well as exterior enhancement of the building.
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We supply our random crazy stones in the following specifications:

Finish : Both sides natural split
Edges : All edges to be random and uncut (for borders, steps & edging effect we can provide one straight edge)
Thickness : 16-25 mm - for less vehicular traffic, wall applications
26-35 mm - for driveways and more vehicular traffic areas
Shape : Random polygonal shape with 3 to 6 sides
Sizes : Unsized Random Stone Pieces between 20 cm to 100 cm
Covering Area : Approximately 16 to 17 Sq. Mtr. floor area can be covered with one ton (one crate) with 16-25mm thickness.
Approximately 14 to 15 Sq. Mtr. floor area can be covered with one ton (one crate) with 26-35mm thickness

Whenever you order please always specify the area in square metres or in square feet which you want to cover.

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