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Palisade Stone from India
Rajasthan Slate & Stone Exports Inc. is a biggest Indian Natural Stone Company now recognized as one of the prominent & world class Indian Palisades Stones Manufacturers, Palisades Stone Suppliers, Palisade Exporters and Sandstone Palisades Wholesalers in India. We export our Palisades Stone in large quantities in all types of Indian Sandstones except Teak Sandstone, Rainbow Sandstone and Fossil Sandstone. We supply palisades in Grey Limestone and Black Limestone and Granite Stone from India. Palisades Stones also known as Palisades Garden Stones, Stone Pillar.

Our Palisade Stones are mostly being used in constructing exteriors and interiors to decorate Gardens, Hotels, Resorts, Offices, Pavements, Individual House or for fencing of Farms as a defensive structure. We can provide Square shape palisade and Round shape pillar palisade in many sizes and thickness and also available in many Indian Stone Colors like Mint Sandstone Palisades, Modak Sandstone Palisades, Autumn Grey Sandstone Palisades, Golden Leaf Sandstone Palisades, Autumn Brown Sandstone Palisades, Raj Green Sandstone Palisades, Buff Sandstone Palisades.

To make Palisade Stone we cut Sandstone, Slate, Quartzite, Limestone and Granite in long blocks of varying sizes and installed in standing position as a fence to the garden. Throughout the centuries PALISADES STONE has been an enduring symbol of strength, beauty and elegance in the world's landscape….

We supply our Palisade Stones in the following specifications:

Standard Sizes(CM): 20/30/50/75/100/125/150/200x12cm

Thickness(CM): 11-13cm

Top Surface Finishes: Natural,Honed, Polished, Sawn

Side Edge Finishes: Tumble, Hammered, Split face

Consistency: Color variation as per image

We are India’s largest Natural Stone Palisades Manufacturers, Stone Factory, Exporters, and Suppliers in India and offering Grey Palisade Stone, Green Palisade Stone Yellow Palisade Stone, Natural Palisade Stone, Indian Sandstone Palisade Stone, Indian Quartzite Palisade Stone, Indian Granite Palisade Stone, Indian Limestone Palisade Stone, Granite Palisade Fencing, Natural Sandstone Palisades Stone, Natural Limestone Palisades Stone, Granite Palisades Stone and Landscaping Palisade stone at very competitive prices to Ireland, France, UK, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Romania and Moldova, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia and many more.... provides you Best Quality Indian Natural Stones. Please remember us. Finding us is easy
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