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Pebble Stones from India
Rajasthan Slate & Stone Exports Inc. is a biggest Indian Natural Stone Company known as Paving Stone Company Now Recognized as one of the reputed Pebble Stones Manufacturers, Sandstone Pebble Stones Manufacturers, Sandstone Pebble Stones Exporters, Pebble Stones Suppliers, Pebble Stones Exporters, Pebble Stones Producers, Pebble Stones Wholesalers in the Indian and overseas markets based in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

pebble stones suppliersAs such we are one of the exclusive suppliers of river pebbles stones for garden, natural stone pebbles, granite pebble stones, marble pebble stones, sandstone pebble stones, black limestone pebble stones, blue limestone pebble stones, river pebbles. Our cheap pebble stones are perfect for the purpose of wall art, paving, flooring, roofing, in business houses, in homes, decorating fountains, pool areas, artificial ponds, zen gardens, tropical landscaping, sculptures, water features, pebble mats, pebble mosaics, along building foundations to prevent splash, posh lounges, open air theaters, aquaria, parks, along walk ways, near vases, wet areas, out houses, pathways in gardens, public parks and decorating exteriors and interiors and more.

landscaping pebblesWe are a leading Supplier & Manufacturer of Garden Pebbles in Round & Elliptical shapes and as Large Size Pebbles, Medium Size Pebbles, Mixed Size Pebbles, Colored Pebbles and Decorative River Pebbles and offering Black Stone Pebbles, Polished Colored Stone Pebble, Mix River Pebbles, River Pebbles, Mix Stone Pebble, Tumbled White Stone Pebble, Off-White Pebbles, Grey Pebble Stones, Ivory Pebble Stones, Green Pebble Stones, Brown Pebble Stones, Pinkish Brown Pebble Stones, Potato Skin Brown Pebble Stones and Mixed colors Pebble Stones.

Our Stone Pebbles are often used as decorative stone around the house. These days loose and meshed pebbles are also being used to form different figures and designs. Indian pebble stones are available in earthy tones and can also be used in combination with other stones. Pebbled tiles are increasingly becoming popular.

pebble suppliers exportersWe are offering Natural Stone Pebbles or River Pebbles in the following specifications:

Pebble Stone Finish – Rough, smooth, polished as per order

Pebble Stone Shapes – Round & elliptical

Colors Available – White pebbles, green marble pebbles, yellow marble pebbles, white marble pebbles, rainbow sandstone pebbles, Agra red pebbles, white quartz pebbles, sourced directly from river beds, washed, graded & packed in Jumbo Bags.

Pebble Stone Standard Sizes & Thickness – 1/2" to 1", 1" to 2", 2" to 3", 3" to 5" & 5" to 8" (Any other sizes as per your requirement).

Today Rajasthan Slate & Stone Exports Inc. is biggest Pebbles Manufacturers and Exporters and Wholesale White Pebbles Suppliers in India to London, UK, Ireland, Germany, USA, France, Netherlands, Dubai, Egypt, Cairo, France, UK, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Romania and Moldova, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia and many more.

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