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Himachal Gold Quartzite Tiles From India
Indian Natural Stones is India based Exporter Supplier Manufacturer of North Indian Quartzite i.e. Himachal Gold Quartzite, Himachal Gold Slate, Himachal Gold Slate Suppliers, Natural Himachal Gold Slate India. We are Himachal Gold Slate Stones Wholesaler, Exporter of Himachal Gold Slate Tiles, Himachal Gold Roofing Tiles, Slabs, Flooring, Cladding and Flagstone. We offer Himachal Gold Quartzite Stone in variety of finishes including Natural Cleft, Polished, Honed, Antique & Calibrated etc.

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Himachal Gold Quartzite which is also known as Himachal Gold Slate has been used as a Building Stones for years in the Garden, Home, Hospitals, Hotels, Resorts, Office as Coping, Countertops, Driveways, Edger, Fireplaces Surrounds and Flagging. The smooth texture and excellent finish lends a unique sheen to the Gold Slate Stone. We can offer Himachal Gold Quartzite in variety finishes and forms cut to the size required by the clients. Naturally non-slip surface can be rubbed plain or finished with clear varnish after fixing.
himachal gold quartzite tiles india
Himachal Gold Quartzite Slate Tiles From India
Technical Specifications: Available On Request
Alternative Names: alt name
Sizes and Specifications:
(1) 10 cm x 10 cm - 4” x 4”
(2) 15 cm x 15 cm - 6” x 6”
(3) 20 cm x 20 cm - 8” x 8”
(4) 30 cm x 30 cm - 12” x 12”
(5) 30 cm x 15 cm - 12” x 6”
(6) 40 cm x 20 cm - 16” x 8”
(7) 40 cm x 15 cm - 16” x 6”
(8) 60 cm x 15 cm - 24” x 6”
(9) 60 cm x 30 cm - 24” x 12”
(10) 60 cm x 40 cm - 24” x 16”
(11) 60 cm x 60 cm - 24” x 24”
(12) Mixed Patterns
(13) Slabs are also available in 120 cm up x 60 cm up
(14) We can cut as per your instructions also…
Above Quartzite Tiles Size can be Supplied in Following Surface Finishes:
(1) Both Surfaces Natural
(2) Top Natural, Back Calibrated / Gauged
(3) Top Surface Honed, Back Calibrated / Gauged
(4) Top Surface Polished, Back Calibrated / Gauged
(5) Top Surface Brushed or AntiqueHoned, Back Calibrated / Gauged.
Above Quartzite Tiles Sizes & Surface Finishes can be supplied with Following Edge Finishes:
((1) All Four Edges Machine cut
(2) All Four / Any One Edges Full Bullnose
(3) All Four / Any One Edges Half Bullnose
(4) All Four Edges Chamfered / Beveled
(5) All Four Edges Hand cut for Roofing Purposes with / without drill holes provides you Best Quality Indian Natural Stones. Please remember us. Finding us is easy
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