indian natural stones
indian natural stones
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copper gold slate veneer india
Indian Natural Stones is a prominent Stone Veneer Manufacturers, Stone Veneer Suppliers, Stone Veneer Wholesalers based in India. Providing finest quality of Copper Gold Slate Veneer in the form of opaque slate veneer, transparent slate veneer, translucent slate veneer at the best competitive prices to the home improvement companies in Germany, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Greece, Hungary, Mauritius, South Africa, Netherlands, New Zealand, Serbia, Mexico, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Australia and many more countries with all repeat orders...

Indian Natural Stones is The Leader in Natural Thin Stone Veneers and today a well known Stone Factory as well as Stone Company in India for Copper Gold Natural Slate Stone Veneer, Natural Stone Veneer, Slate Stone Veneer Laminate, Veneer Wall Panels, Split Face Natural Slate Veneer, Veneer Stone, Slate Veneer, Thin Lightweight Natural Stone Panels, Natural Veneer, Slate Stone Veneer Laminate, Lightweight Stone Veneers, Paper Thin Slate Veneer and Natural Thin Stone Veneer.

Our Copper Gold Slate Veneer Sheets are being preferred when a real slate finish and texture is desired, but heavy solid stone is not to be practical or because of flaking issues. Our Copper Gold Slate Stone Veneer is especially well suited for Bath & Shower Surrounds, Kitchens, Flooring, Walls, Accents, Trim & Backsplashes, Doors and Cabinets, Furniture, Marine & RV, along with Natural Stones, exteriors & Interiors, along with lightening effect, in offices, at planters, restaurants and bars, signage, waterfalls etc. Today our slate Veneers are in big demand and all over the world people know our slate veneers as Super-Thin-Stone, Slim Stone, Wafer-Thin-Stone, Micro-Thin-Stone, Ultra-Thin-Stones, Micro-Thin-Slates, Slate-Veneer, Flexible Slates, Slate Veneer Panels from India.

Today world over Rajasthan Slate & Stone Exports Inc. is a well known company as Natural Slate Stone Veneer  Exporter Manufacturer Supplier, Stone Veneer Sheets Manufacturers, Stone Veneer Sheets Exporters, Stone Veneer Sheets Wholesalers, Veneer Sheets Suppliers, Flexible Veneer Manufacturers, Flexible Stone Exporter India, Flexible Veneer Exporter and Supplier, Thin Stone Manufacturer in India, Stone Veneer Exporter India, Best among Stone Veneer Companies in India,  Stone Veneer Supplier India, Flexible Stone Exporter India, Flexible Stone Manufacturer India, Flexible Veneer Manufacturers.

Stone Veneer Applications: Copper Gold flexible stone veneer which can be applied to any solid substrate like concrete, ceramic, wood, metal, plywood, fiberglass, backer board, tile, dry wall, painted surfaces, MDF, masonite, door skins and cabinetry in interiors and exteriors in cold and hot climates, but it is not good for heavy traffic areas due to the thin soft nature of the Flexible Slate Stone Veneer.
copper gold slate veneer india
copper gold slate veneer india
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet): Available On Request
Alternative Names: alt name
Finishes: Natural look at the front and polyester resin / fiberglass at the back (backed by a polymer composite, which most construction grade adhesives will bond to)
Standard Sheet Specifications:
1220 mm x 610 mm – 4 ft. x 2 ft. (48” x 24”) – the most demanding
Special sheet sizes can also be ordered on larger quantities.
Thickness: 1 mm to 1.25 mm
+/- 1-2mm length as well as in width of the sheets
+/- 1-2mm at right angle to be expected
Approximately weight of Stone Veneer Sheet:
1.25 Kgs. To 1.50 Kgs Per Sq. Mtr.
Recommended Adhesives:
Titebond - "FAST GRAB" SOLVENT FREE FRP adhesive
Titebond - "GREEN Choice" heavy duty construction adhesive provides you Best Quality Indian Natural Stones. Please remember us. Finding us is easy
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